27/09/21 LAUNCH DATE


The Kartel have hit the blockchain! 10,000 random and autogenerated NFT's that provide access to the most hardcore, and underground members club in blockchain history, controversy is our middle name! This ERC 721 token acts as a membership card with added utilities, and perks, most of which will only be revealed to Kartel members/Golden Eaglez holders.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had invested in BAYC, and aped in at mint price? What if you had an opportunity right now, to work with the Kartel to become the next BAYC? Can you imagine what it would be like to turn an investment like 0.4 ETH into 20-40 ETH in as little as 3 months? This is life-changing to most, and we want to show you step by step how we can do this together, and it's actually not that difficult at all. Even if you dont have much to invest, just 0.08 could be turned into 2 ETH in 3 months with the strategy we are going to outline to you. Info on our Primary roadmap other than what has already been stated, is reserved for Golden Eaglez Kartel Members.


Members only Discord initiated + collection listed on Rarity Tools


Mystery Drop initiated


5 ETH deposited to the Kartel Community Stash Vault 


ZTASH Token Deployed


Mystery & ZTASH Airdrop

The Money Vault

The Money Vault focuses strongly on making our members gain Dividends for holding a GEK NFT, we have alot of info on our Floor Price Strategy , Dividends & Airdrop info in our Discord. However owning:

  • 1 - 3 Golden Eaglez makes you an associate of the Kartel and gives you access to the members club
  • 4 - 8 Golden Eaglez makes you a soldier with 'jobs' available where you can earn 'drops'
Work your way up to the top of the 7 ranks to get the status of Boss, where you name and run your own family within the Kartel.

Holders of certain ranks will be eligible for airdrops of the ZTASH Token, and other NFT drops like 'Packz Dropz', and 'Wepz Dropz'. These NFT's will be exchangeable with the GEK Token, which can then be exchanged for ZTASH. ZTASH will be a tradeable token listed on exchanges that will be able to be swapped for Ethereum.

A full breakdown of the Kartel�s structure is presented below ( Rank + Amount Of Eaglez)

  • Associate 1-3
  • Soldier 4-8
  • Lieutenant 9-19
  • Captain 20-40
  • Adivor 41-60
  • Underboss 61-80
  • Boss of Family 81-100
Golden Eaglez owners of the rank of Captain, and above are eligible for random airdrops of the 'Kartel Wives', Wives enable the Kartel members to produce heirs and hieress's, who add value to the Kartel families by taking on the traits from two powerful Kartel bloodlines.


Collectors who mint and join the kartel will have 3 possible rarity types depending on what skin they get for their eagle. We have Hologram, Robot, Gold, Matrix and many more rare traits and skins making each GEK you own very unique and rare!

  • ALPHAS which are the rarest of them all at 5%.
  • BETAS which are 27% rare.
  • OMEGAS which are 68% rarest
  • After sell out we will be releasing more indepth info on our Rarity as we get listed on Rarity.Tools and other rarity NFT platforms.


    How do i join the GEK?

    You need to mint a eagle on our website. For this you need some ETH and a metamask or coinbase wallet.

    What is the Golden Eaglez Kartel?

    10,000 random autogenerated Eaglez that provide access to the most hardcore and underground members club in blockchain history1

    When is the launch?

    Golden Eaglez Kartel will be launching on Monday 27th September 2021. Follow the news on discord to become a kartel member and learn more!

    Will there be instant reveal?

    Reveal was to be immediately shown after the sell out, however we think to have reveal after mint instead


    Our team are very talented and very skilled eagles that consists of 5 of the strongest families in the blockchain.

    El_Chapz CEO - Project Manager -Marketing Director - Kartel Boss
    Pabz Co-Founder - Discord Admin - Kartel Boss
    Miguel GEK intermediary - Community Assitant - GEK General
    Squeebo Script + Bot DEV - Web3js Dev
    OffGridGecko Smart Contract Developer